Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Sensory Issues in Adults. How I Cope.

This here folks is how I've been dressing since I was a child. My earliest memories of the struggle are with those damn itchy tights and frilly panties you had to wear if you were a toddler in the 70's. Thank goodness someone caught on and those went away. I can remember hating those tights.
The next memory is that I had three pairs of velour bell bottoms, which for those of you to young to remember bell bottoms were to hang down almost over your shoes. Think massive boot cut. I believe I got them in first grade and in grade three I fought to give them up as they were hovering around my calves. By 5th grade I finally accepted that women for all intents and purposes were suppose to suffer for beauty so I succumbed to blue jeans (teach your girls differently please). I accepted tight shoes, tight jeans and discomfort to fit in.  Many days though it was unbearable and you would see me in sweats and no makeup. Makeup is another issue all together. 

Fast forward 40 plus years and I've learned some tricks. First of all I know I'm incredibly sensitive to the feel of things. Not just "oh yeah I like to be comfortable" but "Crawl out of my skin screaming and crying sensitive". I've literally removed a bra while driving down the interstate (I'm sorry, I know this is highly irresponsible). My crazy "Get this thing off of me now" was not willing to wait 20 minutes for an exit.

So in this picture I am wearing a $4 pajama top, that's right folks. I found three colors of PJ t shirts on clearance at Target. I've learned that the T Shirts in this department are much softer and loose. My pants are palazzo pants with a wide stretchy waist band. They are a soft cotton blend. I have more palazzo pants than you shake a stick at. For shoes I often wear a brand called Jambu, they are about $100 new but can often be found on clearance for under $40. I also usually add earrings, a necklace or a bracelet and one ring on each hand. In the past I've been known to also use bathing suit cover ups as dresses or bathing suit pant cover ups as palazzo pants. I truly don't think anyone has ever noticed nor do I care. Comfort is key. 

So the other day I thought about what helps me and why some days are so much better than others. I made a connection. You would think in about 47 years I would have done this sooner. With my clients I often suggest (check with our doctor first) Omega 3, 6,9 and B vitamins to deal with nervous system disorders and anxiety. I had run out of mine and was trying to wait till pay day to stock up on all my vitamins (quality matters). All of a sudden I'm noticing that I can't get dressed without trying on 10 outfits and changing my bra 8 times. Then it hits me "I've been out of my oils & vitamins".

B Vitamins are responsible for the connections of our nerves and the signals they send. Think of it like old time telephone wires. Without the signals get all jumbled up. Many of us need extra B's. Omega's are responsible for the lining of those nerves and tend to calm things down. I see this in my son with Asperger's too. He takes fish oil while I use a plant based formula. 

So there it is. I've noticed that I can wear my jeans and good bras (not the stretchy) ones when I don't run out of my coping tools.

My hope is this will help someone who also struggles with sensory issues, be an adult or child.

Love & Light,

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Life Lessons on Struggle.

Life Lessons I use to deal with struggle.

1. If you are in pain think of the things you are grateful for. Even if you don't feel like it. 
2. Do things you enjoy. I'm drinking a glass of red wine while cooking a healthy dinner. I really enjoy this. Something about having a glass of wine with cooking just represents ease. Doing simple things you love often, even if you feel sad or struggling, you will find a glimmer of happiness starting to creep back in
3. I learned this one in Alanon and it's my go to. I over E, or IOE, Intelligence Over Emotion. I'm an emotion, heart/ love centered person. I struggle to keep my balance when my emotions take hold, intellect often goes out the window. So I try to keep my perspective and listen to my intellect before I run with my heart. 
4. Know that the good can coexist with the bad. What a powerful lesson. This is also called the paradox. There is no light without dark. Without the pain we don't see the beauty or the blessing. It's not easy to get to but if you stop and try you will see it. Without pain we do not appreciate when things are easy or good. Change your perspective and change your life. Find the silver linings. Life is hard. If you are human you will be cracked open and you will be exposed and what you do with that is when your soul can shine or sink. Deal with your pain, feel it, grieve, it's ok to feel it all, then allow yourself to heal. It's okay, you are not a bad person for healing, it does not mean we forget. It means we appreciate what we have been given. 
5. Try this simple meditation. Keep it in your back pocket. SOBER = Stop, Observe, Breathe, Expand, Respond Mindfully. When you are upset Stop and and think about what just happened (don't react), Observe your situation with objectivity  "I am upset because I don't feel validated", then take some deep Breaths, Expand your view of what has happened, see the other persons view, realize there may be a misunderstanding, then Respond (or don't see #6) mindfully. 
6. Sometimes when you don't know what to do, do the dishes. Such a powerful lesson in my life of wanting to fix it right now. Sometimes you don't need to figure it out you just need to sit back and wait. 

My love to you. Love is all there is folks. Relationships are the only thing that matter.
Be love. 

Love and Light,

Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year Healthy Body & Healthy Mind

So I don't know about you, but for me at 42, all I had to do was add real cream to my coffee and eat three cookies and a few slices of pie over the course of six weeks and bam I gained 5 lbs. Personally for me, 5 lbs isn't just about how I look, I feel bad. I don't like the feeling of my clothes being tight or feeling that the only thing I want to wear is sweat pants. The weight also takes a toll on my psyche, somehow I feel a bit of failure, like if I had tried a little bit harder then this wouldn't of happened. See I have struggled with my weight for twenty years since I had a thyroidectomy.  My weight has been up and down about 20 lbs and it often seems very hard to control. I'm not a crazy exercise person. Four or five times a week I do an hour of yoga. During the warmer months I walk four to eight miles a week and during the winter months I slack. Being a single mom of four kids and a business owner it's hard to find the time to make meals and exercise more than I do right now. Also my new boyfriend is great with his diet but he works out all the time, I really admire him, but he will drink a big glass of milk or o.j. with each meal, I've started this and I'm sure it is only adding calories to my diet.
For years I worked in Health and Fitness clubs and I've always been very health conscious  My diet is very healthy and I am not one to sit and watch t.v., yet still I struggle with this 20lbs. Personally I want to feel good, I want to move freely and feel light and healthy  The fact is I know how to do it but I have to find what works for me, and doing some hardcore training that makes me hurt will not work for me because I will get tired of it. So here I am going to share ideas and my weight with you and feel free to follow along and share your ideas and struggle.

Ht. 5.3/4
Weight 140

My goal is 132 by Feb 14th,  and to firm up and feel lighter and be able to maintain.
I know I need to eat around 1600 calories a day to keep my weight down.
Counting calories is a pain in the butt so I will just be aware by logging my food and cutting out snacks and high calories drinks like chai, coffee with real cream, those are my weaknesses.
I'll eat healthy, low fat proteins, eliminate my white consumption: Rice, Potatoes, breads, pasta,dessert and up my fruits, veggies, whole grains only in the a.m., and lean meats and proteins and a lot more water.

3 yoga classes per week that I don't teach (I teach four to five a week)
Walk three miles twice a week or 2 miles three times a week.
Add some strength training twice a week for 15 minutes, sit ups, squats, weights.

What do I need to do to get started:
Go join a monthly health club which is 1 mile from my yoga studio that has cardio machines and weights
Make a grocery list and meal plans.

Dec. 31: Make meal plan and go to store. Do an hour of yoga workout on my own at the studio.

Start Jan. 1
End Feb 14